Our osteopaths work closely with registered dietitians Catherine Nash and Rosie Hogg from Oxford Gastro Dietitians. Catherine and Rosie create tailored plans to help their clients with their gut health, digestion, allergies, energy, weight, and their general health and wellbeing.

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Oxford Gastro Dietitians was set up by Catherine Nash and Rosie Hogg to support adults with gastrointestinal symptoms through dietary manipulation.

Catherine and Rosie specialise in upper and lower gastrointestinal conditions including Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Reflux, Gastroparesis, Coeliac Disease, Bowel Motility Disorders, Stoma Management, Slow Transit Constipation, Bile Acid Malabsorption, and much more...

​When you purchase one of their packages you access high quality, evidence-based professional advice, as well as the support of two experienced gastroenterology dietitians. The team are happy to meet either virtually or face-to-face in clinic. 

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Use OSTEOPATH5 to receive £5 off



Making dietary changes can have a beneficial impact upon gastrointestinal symptoms and conditions.​ Dietitians use up-to-date scientific, evidence-based research to assess, diagnose and treat diet and nutritional problems.

Having guidance and support from a competent dietitian ensure that dietary interventions are carried out safely, both for short and long term health.

The name ‘Dietitian’ is a legally protected title that can only be used by a suitably qualified professional. Dietitians are registered with and regulated by the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).



Catherine Nash 
Specialist Gastroenterology and Gut Health Dietitian


Since graduating at Plymouth University, I have worked within the NHS gathering knowledge and skills within the field of gastroenterology. I currently work as a Gastroenterology Team Lead Dietitian in Oxford alongside providing specialist private consultations.

I specialise in gut health, inflammatory bowel disease, motility disorders, gastroparesis, slow transit constipation, pelvic floor dysfunction and many more conditions of the gastrointestinal system.

I am registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC), British Dietetic Association (BDA) and the associated Gastroenterology Specialist and Freelance sub groups. Please feel welcome to get in touch about your individual case.

Rosie Hogg
Specialist Gastroenterology and Gut Health Dietitian

After graduating as a dietitian at the University of Hertfordshire, I worked in a number of specialties within dietetics but gastroenterology has always been my biggest passion.

Being an IBS sufferer myself, I know the positive impact that both diet and lifestyle factors can have on symptoms and since working as a gastroenterology dietitian, I have gained experience in a wide number of gastrointestinal disorders.

I specialise in helping clients with dietary and lifestyle advice for gut health, coeliac disease, stoma management, pancreatitis, FODMAP's and 'functional' symptoms such as bloating, wind, reflux, loose stools and constipation. I look forward to working with you! 




This appointment includes:
•    A discussion of your case within our team prior to the consultation.
•    1 hour consultation which will conclude with a dietetic plan to follow for a specified time. It is a great opportunity to ask questions.
•    A letter summarising our consultation to your GP and any other relevant healthcare professionals of your choice.



This appointment includes:
•    A 30 minute consultation with the same dietitian to evaluate progress, answer questions and make amendments to the dietetic plan if required
•    A letter to your GP including any other relevant healthcare professionals of your choice, summarising them of any changes to the consultation


This package includes an initial consultation and a follow up consultation


This package includes:
•    Everything included in the initial consultation
•    A follow up consultation
•    Plus the addition of email support between appointments. These are aimed at providing support and answering any questions you may have between appointments in regards to our recommended dietetic advice. 


This includes 1 initial consultation, 2 follow up appointments and email support between appointments

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Use code OSTEOPATH5 to receive a £5 discount.