Massage for treating pain

There are many different types of massage that can relieve pain, and some will be more appropriate than others for different people. The most common massage requested is the Swedish massage, which involves gently kneading the back in order to relieve stress, stimulate nerve endings and to relax your muscles.

A Deep Tissue massage is similar to a Swedish one, except that the pressure applied is much stronger. In order to reach deep tissue, force must be applied to each layer of muscle, using various techniques to do so. Sometimes the feeling can be slightly painful, as the pressure is designed to be tough so as to relax tight muscles and tissue. Deep tissue massages target muscles and tendons, and are best-suited for runners and people with long-term injuries, so it is a bit more specific than a general Swedish massage. 

A Sports massage is considered similar to a deep tissue massage, but for more intense pain, that many professional athletes may use, as it combines a number of different massage techniques to treat soft tissue aches and to reduce muscle stiffness. Friction is applied in large strokes to stretch out the tissue, rhythmic compressions target small, precise points, and a lymphatic massage aims to prevent future injuries through deep tissue treatment and proper stretching. 

Each of these types of massages can benefit anyone, but it’s choosing the right one that is key.

Oxford Osteopaths can help

Whatever the cause or source of your pain, our osteopaths will identify the best way of treating it and get you back to being pain free.