Your first visit

Your first visit to our clinic should feel comfortable and secure, in the knowledge that you are seeing professionals. We understand people's nervousness and concern about whether we will understand their problem and we appreciate the trust we are given. 


We will listen carefully; take a medical history look at your lifestyle, activities and how your problem has come about.

You the client are at the centre of our care and our focus will be on working with you to get the best result we can.


We will go through some examination movements and tests which will help us form an opinion on how best to help resolve your problem.

We will then discuss the initial diagnosis and treatment options with you so that you can share in the decision over your care.

Visiting an Osteopath


We will discuss treatment options, giving you time to consider your choices as well as answer any questions you may have.

Treatment is most commonly offered on the first visit unless your condition requires a more urgent specialist investigation, in which case you will be referred on appropriately.


We can offer advice, help with lifestyle and posture as well as the main Do’s and don’ts for your condition.

We also provide specific exercises videos, to help speed up your recovery helping you get back moving quickly and safely.