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We remained open throughout the pandemic, serving our local community and beyond. During this time, we gained significant experience, and learnt many lessons that we continue to implement, safeguarding your wellbeing and limiting the risk of infection when you enter our clinic

What we are doing

  • Our therapists are required to follow government guidelines regarding infectious conditions, including COVID-19

  • All new clients asked to agree to our health policy before attending clinic

  • Hand sanitisation unit at the clinic entrance

  • Increased cleaning routines, including treatment surfaces and other frequently used surfaces

  • Disposable couch roll used to cover plinth

  • Maintaining a 5 minute gap between clients to ensure social distancing and allow for cleaning

  • Payment terminals in treatment rooms to reduce time in reception


What we are asking of you

  • If you feel unwell and you think you may be infectious, please get in contact before entering the clinic. We would prefer to postpone your appointment to a day when you feel better

  • If you enter clinic and it's clear you have symptoms, your practitioner may postpone your appointment​​

  • Masks are no longer compulsory. Let your practitioner know if you prefer that they wear one

  • There are no towels in clinic, but you can bring your own for modesty​

  • Consider whether you need to bring visitors/family members to your appointment and make sure they are fit and well before they enter the clinic

  • Arrive on time and no more than 5 minutes before your appointment to help manage social distancing 

  • Sanitise your hands before entering reception​​

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