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We have helped thousands of people in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas over a period spanning more than 25 years. ​Our reputation is built on clear, honest advice, and a straightforward, practical approach to pain relief and self-management. As well as providing you with consultation and treatment, we always look to manage your expectations in terms of recovery time and the advised number of treatments 

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We combine anatomy and biomechanics, assessing posture, gait and balance to determine the underlying cause of dysfunction, and the appropriate treatment approach. We also consider contributing factors in your lifestyle and environment

Natural healing

The body has an inherent capacity for self-healing. We use specific manual therapy techniques to unblock restrictions that would otherwise hold back the normal healing process

Better movement

Our hands-on techniques are used to restore balance and normal pain-free movement. Our osteopaths take an approach that is tried-and-tested and is backed by clinical audit

Advice to take home

Treatment is only part of the solution. We commit to getting you better, but also to help you manage the healing process at home with stretches, exercise and advice to help you maintain and build-upon the progress made at each treatment

Clinic ethos
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