Almost everyone experiences some form of upper back pain throughout their life, whether from doing an intense workout after not having gone to the gym in a while, or from slouching at a desk all day. These two are the most common causes, and affect adults and children alike.

Upper back pain is measured from the base of your neck, to the bottom of your ribcage, and can be provoked by a number of activities, especially repeated ones. Sports, such as tennis, that involve continuously moving your body in a similar motion over and over, often trigger upper back pain, as do jobs that involve constantly moving heavy objects in the same way every day, as they can cause tightness and straining of muscles. 

Sedentary jobs can also be a reason why someone may experience these same symptoms, because slouching puts pressure on your spine, and the discs within it. Usually, upper back pain doesn’t last too long, but in some cases, it can lead to chronic pain, and issues like arthritis.

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