Simple pain relief advice


  • Paracetamol is the common medicine used to treat osteoarthritis. It often works well to ease pain.

  • It is best to take it regularly to keep pain away, rather than now and again when pain flares up.

  • A normal adult dose is two 500 mg tablets, four times a day.

  •  It usually has little in the way of side-effects, and you can take Paracetamol long-term without it losing its effect.


Anti-inflammatory Painkillers

  • There are a number of different brands of Anti-inflammatory painkillers.

  • They can be effective and can be used in conjunction with Paracetamol.  

  • Unfortunately they do have side-effects, such as gastrointestinal upset and irritation, and kidney damage. They should therefore be avoided by some people (if in doubt check with your pharmacist or GP).

Osteopathy / Massage / Acupuncture

Evidence shows that a combined package of care, including osteopathy, massage, and acupuncture, can help substantially with many problems such as back and neck pain, along with pain in many other parts of the body. 


-Osteopathy is a safe and effective approach to pain relief with very few side effects.


For further information on evidence, safety, side effects, or risk associated with any treatment contact the National Council for Osteopathic Research (NCOR)