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We see people with neck pain every day and the causes are many. Office work and poor posture at the desk, sports, gym and exercise habits all contribute to neck pain

Whatever caused your neck pain our practitioners can help you sort it out quickly. We also provide video exercises and advice on posture at home or in the office

About neck pain

Neck pain is common in people of all ages. Most neck pain is not serious but can cause distress, pain and difficulty sleeping and having a normal life.

As more and more people spend their working day at a computer or sat in an office, the neck and shoulder muscles can become stiff or overused. Other factors such as stress and tiredness can contribute to ongoing neck pain as can osteoarthritis (age-related wear and tear) in the neck. This can, in turn, cause not only muscular pain from the neck into the shoulder but also some stiffness in moving the neck.

An irritated or ‘trapped’ nerve in your neck or upper back can cause some arm pain down into the hand and may be accompanied by pins and needles and numbness.

Arthritic neck conditions respond very well to treatment and are most often treated with a combination of approaches.


Discogenic neck pain causing radiating pain into the arms is quite common as is cervical Spondolosis. We have been successful in managing quite severe cases of both with high success rates.

Neck pain

Student neck is our nickname as we have seen so many students with this problem. They try various methods such as stretching the neck and shoulders or 'cracking' their neck to get temporary relief but in doing so, can make things worse or set up a painful habit. We use a variety of deep  tissue techniques to reduce the pain dramatically and then go on to help teach them how to manage neck pain better going forward.

We can help


Our osteopaths have many years of experience in dealing with neck pain as well as pain in other parts of the body that may arise from neck muscles. We use various osteopathic techniques as well as other methods such as deep tissue massage to relieve neck pain.

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