Osteopathy is manual therapy that can diagnose the cause and provide treatment for a wide range of issues. In some cases the site of your pain is not necessarily the cause and a careful examination will reveal imbalances within the body

What to expect


When you attend the clinic for an appointment your practitioner will take a thorough case history and then examine you. The examination may involve you moving your back and/or limbs and also muscle, nerve and joint tests to determine the exact cause of your pain.


If the Osteopath has any concerns about the severity or type of pain they will refer you back to your GP recommending the most appropriate health care provider/consultant for further investigation.

Treatment may involve any or all of the following once a diagnosis has been established:

  • Massage

  • Mobilisation

  • Manipulation

  • Exercise Plan

  • Medical acupuncture

Please note you may be asked to undress during the session. We don't have towels in clinic, but please bring your own if it makes you feel more comfortable.


You may also prefer you to wear shorts, leggings or other loose clothing, just let the osteopath know what suits you.

If you are unsure whether we can help you please don't hesitate to contact us either by email or phone and we will get back to you very quickly

Physical Therapist
Sports Injury

Conditions treated

Osteopaths consider the body as continuous, treating pain with respect, but also seeking the underlying source of dysfunction, which may reside in another area of the body. 

These are some of the body areas and conditions we would see during a normal day in clinic:

Back pain (including upper back pain, lower back pain, sciatica

Neck pain (including torticolis)

Headaches (including cervicogenic or secondary headaches, BPPV - benign paroxysmal positional vertigo)

Shoulders and arms (including shoulder impingement, adhesive capsulitis and osteoarthritis)

Hips (including hip impingement, osteoarthritis, bursitis and snapping hip)  

Knees (including runner's knee, jumpers knee, patello-femoral pain, osteoarthritis)

Wrist, hand and elbow (including RSI - repetitive strain injuries, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow)

Foot and ankle (including sprained ligaments, osteoarthritis, achilles tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis)

and many more...

If you aren't sure if osteopathy is right for you, please feel free to call us on 01865 790235. Ask for the clinic principal, Mike Harding, and he will call you back. You can also email us at clinic@oxfordosteopaths.co.uk


We can help

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