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Our skilled Osteopaths have undergone additional post-graduate training so that they can offer specific treatments focused on women's health. Our aim is to support you through the physical discomfort and the emotions associated with the menstrual cycle and life-changing phases. 


Women’s Osteopathy is aimed at providing support through the physical and emotional challenges associated with the menstrual cycle, and life-changing phases such as menopause, pregnancy and child birth.

Our Osteopaths have undergone additional post-graduate training so that they can offer specific treatments focused around women's health: 

Rosie Waygood - MSc in Osteopathy, including a course on gynaecology, Dresden International University; Visceral Osteopathy, including the pelvis, as part of a 3-year post-grad course in Osteopathic Medicine, University of Witten-Herdecke

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Working with women is a nurturing process. Osteopathic treatment offers physical and emotional support when you need it most, particularly if you experience trouble around your menstrual cycle or you're undergoing a challenging life phase, such as pregnancy or menopause.


Our practitioners use osteopathic techniques that are gentle and appropriate to the level of tension required. Depending on the underlying cause of pain or dysfunction, they may be directed towards either the visceral (organ-related) or musculoskeletal systems, or both. 


Diagnosis is undertaken using specific movement and palpatory tests, which locate areas of imbalance and tissue restriction. Treatments incorporate gentle and more direct techniques (such as mobilisation, manipulation and massage). 


  • Period pain and irregularity

  • Pregnancy after 1st trimester

  • Adapting to carrying a child

  • Pelvic pain

  • Pelvic floor weakness

  • Breast feeding and associated chest and upper back pain

  • Peri-Menopause

  • Conditions such as Endometriosis



Our advice is to dress comfortably. You will be invited to dress down and expose the areas of the body that need to be examined or treated. However, if you prefer to wear clothing throughout that's perfectly fine, just tell your practitioner. Many of our clients prefer to be treated wearing loose-fitting clothes or activewear. 




Each session is specific to the presentation and the your current needs. Our typical treatments involve external-only techniques. When working on the pelvis, with your consent we may include gentle tension release of the pubic bone and the soft tissues above. 

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All our osteopaths are registered, insured and dedicated to their professional development. To read more click here

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