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Marion Vey

Marion is a graduate from Oxford Brookes University and obtained her Bachelor degree in Osteopathy. She discovered Osteopathy whilst competing in artistic gymnastics and suffered from lower back pain. The holistic approach and effectiveness that this career has to offer was what attracted Marion to the profession, and encouraged her to pursue her passion to help others.


Marion has lived in different parts of the USA, France and Asia, exposing her to a variety of cultures and environments. She is also bilingual in French and English. In her spare time, Marion engages in a variety of activities including yoga and gymnastics which allows her to have a better understanding of the human body’s mechanics and movements.

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Mike Harding

Mike trained at the London School of Osteopathy and has more than a decade of manual therapy experience.

He has a background in sport, having played and coached tennis to a high level, and has a strong interest in prevention and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries.

His interest in osteopathy began more than a decade ago in his first career as an accountant. Poor posture and stress led to a succession of minor back injuries affecting his wellbeing. Osteopathy combined with regular exercise and body awareness helped him to become stronger and achieve his health goals.

Mike has also trained in Medical Acupuncture (Dry Needling and utilises this in his practice when necessary.

Outside of his work as an osteopath, Mike has a young family and relaxes by playing the trumpet, whenever time allows. He also enjoys hiking, and aims to make a trip to Snowdonia at least once a year

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Kelston Chorley MSc.ost

Kelston de - Registered as an Osteopath in June 2019 and now practices solely as a Musculo-Skeletal Specialist


Kelston graduated from the College of Osteopaths in London where he was senior lecturer for 10 years, lecturing on a variety of subjects. He was one of the first osteopaths in the UK to gain an MSc in osteopathy.


He spent 8 years as Head of Professional Development for Institute of Osteopathy (iO) and was responsible for helping set up NHS osteopathic pathways as well as developing an electronic patient record and audit system for the profession. He sat on the NHS Nice guidance panel for low back pain, co authored the osteopathic audit handbook and lectured around the country on clinical risk and assessment.

Currently, his specialities are Pre-habilitation, Rehabilitation and management of hip and knee conditions following injury or pre and post op care. Kelston also trained in Medical Acupuncture (Dry Needling) which he utilises in practice when necessary.

He is married with 4 children and has a keen and active interest in adventure motorcycling and is an accomplished pilot.

Bio of Kelston Chorley at Oxford Osteopaths

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