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Our osteopaths are registered with the General Osteopathic Council and attend regular CPD courses to maintain high standards of practice. Our practitioners each have their own individual style and skillset. Read below to see who you might like to book with.

Mike Harding - Clinic principal and osteopath new 2023_edited.jpg

Mike Harding - clinic principal, osteopath (plus acupuncture and shockwave)

How can Mike fix me?
Mike is a musculoskeletal expert specialising in pain, body alignment, movement mechanics and posture. As a registered Osteopath, he takes a hands-on approach to diagnosis combining years' of experience with orthopedic testing, and has a proven track record using osteopathic techniques to improve back pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, hip pain, headaches and much more.

Why should I book with Mike?

Selecting Mike as your health professional means you're choosing someone deeply committed to your wellbeing. Mike works diligently to ensure that you reach your health and fitness goals expediently through effective treatments, comprehensive explanations, and pragmatic at-home exercise guidance. He enjoys answering questions, particularly those related to pain. A testament to his competence, over 80% of new clients choose Mike based on a personal recommendation or after reading our Google Reviews.

What is his style of treatment?

Mike's therapeutic approach predominantly encompasses direct techniques such as deep tissue massage, targeted stretching and joint mobilisation (including High-Velocity Thrusts that may produce a 'pop' sound). While his style leans toward being firm, it is always adapted to accommodate the age, body type, and personal preferences of each client, ensuring optimal results. He also uses acupuncture (dry needling) and shockwave as required, particularly on myofascial trigger points, sprained ligaments and tendinopathies.

Who does he like to work with?

Mike primarily works with adults and older children, providing relief and rehabilitation to those grappling with back and neck pain, postural anomalies, and sports-related injuries. His expertise also extends to enhancing sports performance and guiding injury recovery.

More about Mike...
Besides running the clinic, Mike has two children and a busy family life. He has a background in sport and music, excelling at tennis and playing the trumpet to a high level. With a keen intellect for problem-solving, Mike attained a degree in mathematics prior to shifting his focus to nurturing the health and wellbeing of others.

Rosie Waygood.jpg

Rosie Waygood - registered osteopath


How can Rosie fix me?
Rosie is an expert in musculoskeletal and visceral osteopathy*. As a registered Osteopath, she uses traditional tests to identify the cause of pain and dysfunction. Her holistic approach, treating both the cause and the symptoms, helps to speed up the healing process. Treatments are reinforced with tailored exercises and lifestyle advice to aid recovery and wellbeing. 

*Visceral osteopathy is the treatment of the organs and their connective tissue.

Why should I book with Rosie?
Rosie works with the body in a holistic, subtle and deep way to release tension. Patients often report feeling “lighter and freer” after treatment. Her treatments address a wide range of conditions and life phases from back and neck pain to specific joint problems, headaches, and stress related issues. She also uses visceral techniques to address chest tightness and breathing restrictions, digestive issues and pelvic pain. 

What is her style of treatment?
Gentle, precise and holistic. Rosie connects with the body’s tissues to remove deep restrictions in the muscles, joints, and connective tissue around organs. 

Who does she like to work with?
Rosie works with adults, children and babies. She also offers support in specific areas, including: 

More about Rosie
Rosie is a former clinical tutor in osteopathic medicine. Having spent time working in London, Belgium and
Hamburg, she returned to Oxford in 2021 to settle down close to her roots. Rosie is also fluent in German.

Sonia Keerstock - Osteopath

Sonia Keerstock - registered osteopath


How can Sonia fix me?

Sonia uses manual therapy techniques to reduce musculoskeletal pain found throughout the body. She has a well-rounded and non-judgmental approach to treatment, taking in personal preferences and emotional wellbeing into account. She will also advise you on how to incorporate small changes as well as prescribe daily exercises to prevent further damage.

What is her style of treatment?

Sonia approach is tailored to your requirements, and will likely include deep tissue, articulatory and release techniques (the ones that sometimes make a crack sound). All to improve mobility and range of movement. Depending on the client, she also uses cranial osteopathy to reduce, stress, anxiety and headaches: these are gentle techniques usually applied to the head and sacrum.

Who does she like to work with?

Sonia treats adolescents from 16+ and adults of all ages, and has a particular interest in musicians and horse-riders. 

More about Sonia

Sonia grew up in the Middle East before moving to France. She studied osteopathy at the BSO (British School of Osteopathy) and is furthering her studies with a post-graduate qualification in animal osteopathy. She has a deep love for classical music, having played the violin for 15 years, and speaks French fluently.

Marta Pastucha - Osteopath_profile.jpg

Marta Pastucha - registered osteopath

Marta is an experienced osteopathic practitioner who has a degree in osteopathy and physiotherapy. By combining osteopathic techniques and clinical reasoning, with rehab skills, Marta is able to adapt her treatment techniques to meet the individual needs of each patient.

She formulates a tailor made plan to speed -up recovery and believes that a good treatment should not only tackle the symptoms, but also identify the cause of an ailment, to maximise the benefit for patients.


Marta is experienced working in a multidisciplinary clinics, where she has worked alongside other osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists. 

Marta has a passion for helping others and her kind and friendly manner makes patient’s feel at ease in their consultation and treatment.  

Rusell Kingston - sports and massage therapist_edited.jpg

Russell Kingston - massage and sports therapist

How can Russell fix me?

Russell uses a combination of sports/remedial massage,  rehabilitation exercises and advice to help you recover from soft tissue injuries. 


Why should I book with Russell?

Russell is an active sportsperson himself and knows how important it is to recover from training or injuries so you can get back to training sooner or simply get through everyday life pain free. He has a wealth of experience, having worked in the pro peloton for over 7 years, and has treated some of the most talented riders for the most successful domestic cycling teams including Team GB, Madison-Genesis and Team Canyon dhb Sungod.


What is his style of treatment?

Deep tissue sports massage


Who does he like to work with?

Anybody, whether active or not, who may be suffering from an injury or simply want to move easier and pain free.

More about practitioner...

Russell is experienced at working with athletes at all levels - from Amateur to Commonwealth, National and World Champions. As a GBR Age Group triathlete, multiple Ironman and keen time trialist and cyclocross rider Russell is passionate about sport and performance and knows how important it is to stay injury free and recover faster. 

Hannah Friary - website_edited.jpg

Hannah Friary - massage and sports therapist

How can Hannah fix me?

Hannah is a qualified Soft Tissue Therapist with experience treating injuries. She uses a combination of sports and remedial massage, soft tissue release and stretching techniques, and provides advice including rehabilitation exercises. Hannah is also qualified in myofascial dry cupping.

Why should I book with Hannah?

As a former dancer, Hannah understands the impact of pain and discomfort. She helps her clients by working one to one, compassionately and confidently, helping restore comfortable range of movement as well as decreasing tension and stress in the body.


What is her style of treatment?

Primarily sports and remedial massage therapy, but also including more relaxing treatments such as Swedish massage. Hannah takes the approach that ‘sports’ massage does not need to be painful or solely for the athletic person to be beneficial. She understands some may prefer lighter pressure, while others want or require deeper work into the muscles and soft tissues. Each treatment is tailored to the individual, rather than a one size fits all approach.

Who does she like to work with?

Anybody, whether active or not, who may be suffering from an injury or simply want to move easier and pain free. She has experience treating professional and recreational athletes from a wide range of sports, and as a former professional dancer, she has a particular interest in dance and the performing arts.

More about Hannah...

Hannah has an extensive background in dance, having trained in London and performed around the UK. In her spare time she enjoys Pilates, wild swimming, and is an avid dog lover. She is keen to continue learning and progressing as a manual therapist, keeping up to date with new research and information in her field.

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