All of our osteopaths are registered with the General Osteopathic Council and attend regular CPD courses to maintain high standards of practice and comply with registration requirements. There are four osteopaths at our clinic and two massage therapists, each with their own individual style and skills. They all have strong diagnostic skills and work closely together to manage any atypical presentations.

Mike Harding - clinic principal, registered osteopath and acupuncturist


Mike is an expert in posture, body alignment and movement mechanics. His treatment approach incorporates firm pressure to release tension from muscles, as well as mobilisation and stretching techniques to get stiff joints moving again and make you feel better. He likes to work with adults of all ages, but particularly those with back pain and sporting injuries. He is trained in medical acupuncture and often uses it as part of his treatments.

When you meet, you'll find Mike is friendly and approachable. He enjoys working in partnership with you to decide on the best treatment approach. He has a deep understanding of pain and likes to explain the mechanism of injuries and pain during the treatment.

Outside osteopathy, as well having as two children, Mike has a background in sport and music, excelling at tennis and playing the trumpet to a high level. He loves to solve problems and achieved a degree in mathematics before turning his attention to the health and wellbeing of others.

Marion Vey - registered osteopath and soft tissue therapist 


Marion is an osteopath and soft tissue therapist at Oxford Osteopaths. She discovered osteopathy as a gymnast, and was attracted to the profession for its holistic, effective, hands-on approach. 


She has always been passionate about helping people with their musculoskeletal problems and, as well as osteopathy, she proactively manages her patients’ progress using massage techniques, exercise and stretching advice.

Marion has lived in different parts of the USA, France and Asia, exposing her to a variety of cultures and environments. She is also bilingual in French and English.


In her spare time, Marion engages in a variety of activities including yoga and gymnastics which allows her to have a better understanding of the human body’s mechanics and movements.

Hannah Marsh - registered osteopath


Hannah is an award-winning osteopath who graduated from the London School of Osteopathy with a Masters in Osteopathy.


In 2020, she received the institute of Osteopathy’s Rising Star award in recognition of the commitment and dedication shown to the osteopathic profession.

Hannah came to osteopathy from a career as a professional dancer having benefitted from plenty of treatment over that time.

She has since been developing her skills in the osteopathic care for children, whilst continuing to enjoy treating a wide range of patients. Hannah is also a Body Control Pilates instructor.


In her free time, Hannah can be spotted hiking, camping, playing board games and making home-made toys for her baby girl.

Rosie Waygood - registered osteopath

Rosie Waygood profile picture 2.jpg

Rosie Waygood is a registered osteopath, who studied for five years at universities in London and Hamburg and trained a further three years in Witten, Germany, where she was a clinical tutor.

She describes herself as a holistic practitioner who takes a 'cause-oriented' approach, treating not only the site of pain, but also the underlying source of dysfunction, which is often located elsewhere.  

Rosie's approach is underpinned by a thorough examination, testing for imbalance, followed by hands-on release techniques to enable free flowing movement. Her treatments include musculoskeletal, cranial and visceral osteopathy. 

She enjoys treating people of all ages and backgrounds, including pregnancy, children and babies. Her aim is to empower people through a renewed sense of freedom in their body.

Tamara Selaman - massage therapist and integrated health practitioner

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Tamara is a massage therapist with more than 15 years' expertise in the field of massage and bodywork. She has also studied nutrition, bioenergetics, epigenetics, trauma, and mindfulness.

Her approach is personalised, using techniques that release stress and tension, reducing pain and enhancing feelings of balance and wellbeing. Her treatments encourage you to step out of your mind and into your body.

Tamara's treatment plan will complement your current state of health. As well as deep tissue, sports therapy and therapeutic massage, her sessions incorporate remedial techniques, stretching, fascia releases, trigger point therapy, analysis of pain pathways and energy flow.

Outside work, Tamara loves getting out into nature and cooking. She loves movement and runs a tribal dance and fitness class helping people release stress naturally.

Russell Kingston - massage and sports therapist

Rusell Kingston - sports and massage the

Russell is a massage and sports therapist with more than 8 years' experience working with athletes at all levels - from Amateur to Commonwealth, National and World Champions.

Russell has also worked in the pro peloton for over 7 years treating some of the most talented riders for the most successful domestic cycling teams Madison-Genesis, Team Canyon dhb Sungod and Team GB.


As a GBR Age Group triathlete, multiple Ironman and keen time trialist and cyclocross rider Russell is passionate about sport and performance and knows how important it is to stay injury free and recover faster.