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Torticollis, otherwise known as ‘wry neck’ can either be a temporary, sometimes painful, discomfort, or a lifelong condition. It can be inherited, but usually it’s just a temporary issue.

If you have had an injury to your head or neck, an ear infection or a cold, there is a chance that you will feel an aching pain on one side of your neck, in the middle of it, or at the base of your shoulders. If it goes away within a few days, this is called temporary torticollis. If it does not, and you have gone through this sort of pain before, it may be a sign of fixed torticollis, which is caused by a problem with muscle or bone structure.

We can help

Osteopaths are known for their skills in diagnosing and sciatic pain. Whatever the cause of your back pain, our practitioners will identify the root cause and get you back to being pain free.

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