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Lower back pain

Lower back pain is common and often linked to work, lifestyle, sport, pregnancy and stress. The typical age range is 30 to 50 due to the spine becoming less flexible.

Your job can affect your risk of experiencing lower back pain: regular heavy lifting can place an increased load on vertebrae by increasing joint degeneration; sedentary jobs decrease movement and promote poor posture. Whatever your vocation, posture is important as well as joint mobility and functional strength. 

A common lower back pain diagnosis you may have heard is "lumbago": this is characterised by intense pain in the lower back with a locking sensation. This is often associated with unusual or unexpected movement, worsened by turning too quickly, coughing or lifting more heavy objects.

Lower back pain is most likely mechanical and will resolve with stretching, treatment and avoidance of any provocative factors. However, pain should not be ignored as it may be symptomatic of a more significant issue.


We can help

If you are in pain, don't suffer for weeks without knowing what is going on as this could affect your recovery. BOOK NOW and our osteopaths can give you a clear hands-on diagnosis, effective treatment and advice. The sooner you receive treatment the sooner you can get back to your normal way of life.

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