Hip Pain

Oxford Osteopaths frequently see patients with hip / groin pain. The most important thing with this type of pain is having the correct diagnosis. Without the right diagnosis, most treatment will fail. We pride ourselves at investigating hip pain thoroughly.

About hip pain

Like all your joints, the hip receives its fair share of use and abuse, so it isn't any wonder that things go wrong. Even though athletes commonly complain of hip pain, you don't have to be a gymnast, dancer, or even a runner to feel an occasional ache.

Common conditions that we treat are pain into the hip or buttock area and pain radiating into the groin area. Not uncommonly, people with arthritic hips may feel pain around their knee.

The most important thing we aim to do at Oxford Osteopaths is to get the correct diagnosis. Once we have the correct diagnosis, treatment can be focused properly.


Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, affecting 8.5 million people in the UK. It develops gradually over time, causing joints to become stiff and painful. With osteoarthritis of the hip you're likely to have pain mainly in the front of your groin, but sometimes around the side and front of your thigh, buttock or down to your knee.



Trochantric bursitis

Trochanteric bursitis is pain on the outside of your hip, made worse by:

· Walking, climbing stairs

· Sleeping on the affected side

· Sporting activities, especially running



If you have been told you have Bursitis of the hip, you have most likely been diagnosed incorrectly. It is in fact a very uncommon condition, and frequently misdiagnosed. Oxford Osteopaths will ensure the right diagnosis is made before commencing treatment or referring onward.


Clicking / snapping hip

Clicking / snapping hip is a surprisingly common problem associated with over-tight, over-worked hip muscles. It may be made worse by:

· Flexing your hip

· Rotating your hip

· Sporting activities

Hip Pain and osteoarthritis

Labral tears

The labrum is a type of cartilage that surrounds the socket of ball-and-socket joints. A degenerative tear is an injury that occurs as a result of repetitive use and activity. Degenerative labral tears can be seen in the early stages of hip arthritis. A traumatic hip labral tear is usually an acute injury as a result of a sports injury, fall, or accident. Hip labral tears are commonly associated with sudden, twisting movements that cause immediate pain in the hip.

How can Oxford Osteopaths help

Oxford Osteopaths have many years of successfully treating a wide range of hip problems and will always refer you on when more specialist assessments such as imaging is required.