Headaches are most often triggered by neck and upper back problems causing tension in muscles around your neck and head. We treat headaches on a regular basis and will try to find a solution for you.

About headaches

Headaches are a very common problem we treat at Oxford Osteopaths. The most common form of headache or migraine is ‘cervicogenic’ (this means caused by problems in the neck) either due to tension, stiffness or wear and tear of the neck joints.


There are many muscles around the neck which can cause restriction to the vascular system and irritation of small nerves around the base of the skull.

Headaches at the front, top, sides or back of the head or neck

Although most headaches stem from issues around the neck, it is in fact more common for the cause to originate in the upper back. This is why we always check everyone's spine thoroughly in our assessment. Understanding the root cause of the problem is always our approach.

We have many years of experience at helping people with different types of headaches and have a very high success rate. We are skilled at diagnosis of types of headaches and will ensure you get appropriate treatment or are referred on for further investigation.

If you are experiencing a sudden, extreme or unusual headache, you should see your GP or seek more urgent help from A&E

We can help

Headaches are a very common problem we treat at Oxford Osteopaths. Whether it is stress related or arising from muscle injury elsewhere, our osteopaths will thoroughly investigate reasons for your headache and treat accordingly.